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Welcome to the Black Fathers Group

Historically, the black father has been key to the wellbeing of the black family and success of the community.  As second and third generation black and mixed race people, we owe a legacy to those pioneering men who came to Britain during the post war years as part of the “Windrush generation”, to work, often as low paid immigrants, to enable their families to build a life in the UK.  We owe a debt of gratitude and respect to those men (and women) who faced overt racism and harsh living and working conditions so that their kids could benefit from a part of the potential economic prosperity that they were working to create. 

Today there are still many excellent fathers who we can look to in our communities and often these men are ignored by the media in search of sensational headlines about black males.  As a result the picture for black fatherhood in the UK is often painted very bleakly with negative headlines about issues such as absentee black fathers. 

Indeed research by the Fatherhood Institute reports that Black British fathers are twice as likely as white British fathers (and three times as likely as British Asian fathers) to live apart from their children; and high rates of non-resident fatherhood are also found where children are of Mixed Heritage.

Social and economic factors are highly indicated as being contributory factors to these figures and there is clear evidence that in white communities where white families face the same low socio-economic factors such as unemployment and low education, there are higher levels of absentee fathers than among families with higher social and economic status.  The impact of these factors are seen to have a similar effect in black families where fathers have a higher socio-economic standing there is less absenteeism.

To complicate matters, the Fatherhood Institute also report that experience of racism, and institutionalised racism, is also relevant and contributes to other factors which further contribute to high levels of non-resident-fatherhood in Black families: early fatherhood, poor mental health, imprisonment, having been raised without own father present, and so on.

This group aims to provide black fathers with a useful resource to address the issues that you face in parenting your children.  In particular this group aims to provide information and a safe non-judgmental space for fathers to discuss relevant issues and provide valuable mutual peer support.

We only ask that users of the site are respectful of the background, lifestyle, religious beliefs and ethnicity of other users

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