Parenting Black Teens


Parenting Black Teens

The parenting black teens group aims to provide information and mutual peer support for parents of older kids.

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Parenting Black Teens Group

Parenting a teen can be challenging and rewarding in equal measure and this group aims to provide valuable information and mutual peer support to parents of black teens.

Being a teen can be a challenging time for children, especially as the media often demonises young people as hoodies responsible for crime and anti-social behaviour. Add to this the weight of academic and exam pressure, as well as coping with the physical and emotional changes that occur at this time.

On the up side. parenting a teen can be a voyage of discovery for both parents  and child as their bodies, mood and views on life begin to evolve into the adult they will eventually become.

Whilst we parents can empathise with the memory of the teen years, there is no doubt about it that there can be periods of conflict as your teen begins to stretch the boundaries of their identity, what is acceptable behaviour or dress and become more influenced by their peers views and behaviours.  The key thing to remember is that this change is natural and that it is part of the process of your child growing into an adult.

Institutional Racism

Black teens can face additional challenges by having to face up to the impact of racist stereotyping  in the media, at school and perhaps among peer groups.  Unfortunately teens sometimes also have to face up to the attention  of police who increasing stop and search some black teens in urban areas.  The impact of this can be devastating and it is critical that parents ensure that they keep open a dialogue (even if it is a bit one sided at times!) to ensure that they inform their teen of the facts of institutional racism and their individual rights and responsibilities to keep them safe.  It is always worth pointing out that whilst stop and search is unpleasant, these encounters need not prevent your  teen from growing into a law abiding citizen with the potential to achieve great things in their life.

Understanding the Teen Years

So when, exactly, does adolescence start?   The short answer is that everybody is different. website describes it as: “there are early bloomers, late arrivers, speedy developers, and slow-but-steady growers.  In other words, there's a wide range of what's considered normal and this puberty generally begins to kick in anywhere between 8 and 14 years old.

We only ask that users of the site are respectful of the background, lifestyle, religious beliefs and ethnicity of other users



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