Parenting Skills Courses

As parents we can all use advice and information from time to time.  Choosing to further developing our skills as parents can be very beneficial not just from a personal development point of view but also of course the benefits to the children can be inestimable.  Whether you want to refine certain areas of your skills as a parent or you are facing major challenges parenting skills programmes can be a useful tool.

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Courses

The Race Equality Foundation has been very successful at running parenting courses - which they call programmes.  Their programme is called - Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities.  It  is an inclusive evidence-based parenting programme adapted from the US parenting programme, 'Strengthening multi-ethnic families: A violence prevention programme'.

In America the programme has been running successfully with a range of parents and carers since 1993. It has been particularly successful with African American and other ethnic minority communities.

The programme aims to be supportive rather than critical with an informal participatory workshop style.  The programme runs for 13 weeks and has been attended by a range of parents.  The programme is inclusive but is keen to reach and encourage involvement from parents from marginalised communities, including black and minority ethnic parents, teenaged parents and fathers.


The programme has been successful in delivering improvements in parental confidence and changes in family relationships.  These results have been verified and reported on after conducting independent scientifically validated tests. 


Aims of the programme

The Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities programme is based on a strengths based ‘facilitative model’ which aims to raise the consciousness of parents. In addition, the curriculum aims to help families develop:

  • Strong ethnic and cultural roots
    positive parent-child relationships
  • A range of life skills
  • Self esteem, self discipline and social competence; and an ability to access community resources.
  • Promote protective factors associated with better outcomes for children, such as strong and warm relationships
  • Explore and develop strategies to deal with factors that risk poor outcomes for children, such as harsh and/or inconsistent discipline
  • Use positive discipline techniques
  • Promote children’s social skills and self-discipline
  • Achieve positive change in family relationships

Programme Structure a national network of local workshops

  • Parents can choose to attend a 13 week programme at one of a national network of local venues.
  • The workshops are free to parents and are aimed at adult and teenage parents. Special workshops have also been held to support young fathers on release from prisons and deaf parents.
  • Workshops are held by statutory, voluntary and community sector organisations, social services, youth offending teams, schools and churches as well as many black voluntary organisations.
  • The programme is accredited through the Open College Network, enabling those parents who want to develop a portfolio and gain a qualifications for participating in the programme to do so.
  • To facilitate attendance, transport is provided alongside child care and refreshment at most venues (Check locally for availability)

For more information about the programme please see the Race Equality Foundation website link below

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